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Ways top studios are becoming more Eco-Friendly:

  • FOX Entertainment Group has introduced the FOX Green Guide, an online resource for industry professionals to find Eco-Friendly products and services while providing useful tips to stay energy efficient and environmentally aware. SVP Fox Studios Operations & General Manager Hal H. Haenel explains, “The entertainment industry has the ability to speak to and influence a global audience. By greening our facilities and our productions, we not only reduce our own environmental impact but also take a leadership role in creating a better place to live.”
  • Walt Disney Studios is applying environmental practices by creating 100% recyclable DVD and Blue-Ray disk packaging. The new Disney label, Disneynature is responsible for encouraging and promoting the importance of caring for the environment.
  • Sony Pictures has gone “green” with digital production and distribution. The studio is achieving recognition through recycling efforts and the conservation of natural gases by reducing the release of carbon emissions.
  • NBC Universal has committed to two green weeks a year as part of its ongoing environmental initiative “Green is Universal.”
  • Paramount recently established the “Green Room,” where productions can donate and take unused office supplies, reducing waste and cost. Additionally, digital distribution systems for production paperwork and dailies are being implemented to save paper, DVDs, packaging materials and shipping.
  • Warner Bros. constructed a new, “green” sound stage for film and television production, following the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED guidelines.

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